Pia grew up between her two home countries Finland and Germany, choosing to move to the UK at the age of 15  to complete her school studies.

This was followed by a foundation in Glass, Metal and Ceramic design at SIAD in Farnham and a BA in Furniture Design and Craftsmanship at Bucks New University.

After this she returned to Finland to work and learn from the local crafts in North Karelia and develop her own practice, piadesign.

2009 Pia returned to London for the MA Design Products course at the Royal College of Arts, continuing her research into crafts and contemporary culture within platforms headed by Jurgen Bey, Daniel Charny and Roberto Feo.

Since her studies she has worked independently and on a freelance basis from her studios in East London and North Germany, travelling the world to learn from craft makers and create new work.

Her practice is based on combining the functional approach of design with the bespoke and unique nature of art. A passion for natural materials and handmade processes, the wish to learn from others and apply her creative thinking to traditional making methods is the basis of her brand Utopia & Utility.

2012 she was nominated for Elle Decoration British Design Awards with the Stacking Vessel Collection, which has continued to grow with larger pieces and new Collectors Editions.

Her ‘Transformed Stacking Vessels’ collection is currently on show at No 10 Downing Street  in a selection of the best in contemporary British craft and design thinking.

Everything we consider beautiful, has something familiar in it....

My work lives around this principle. Reinventing the way materials are combined, used or processed allows me to instil new life in the familiar. Contrast, beauty and the story of an object are the focus of my work.

I design, make, sketch, photograph and travel to work with different craftsmen and keep my mind fed and my soul inspired.